– Yoga & meditation retreat on heavenly Zanzibar! 

Join us for a week of yoga and meditation on legendary Zanzibar, a jewel of the Indian Ocean, located next to the East coast of Africa.

Jan/Feb 2019 (dates are coming) 

Unleash your inner power and stimulate the flow of energy with a yoga practice that meets you where you are. Much focus on meditation will bring your whole self into a new sense of balance and joy. Nothing is better than feeling fully present, connected to your power, able to enjoy yourself and your life. Therefore is our focus to DEEPEN YOUR PRESENCE.

A retreat filled with experiences of practicing yoga and meditation, swimming in crystal clear water at high tide, walking barefoot along the white coral beaches, eating delicious food and enjoying your own company as well as others in beautiful surroundings. 

Åsa Kalyani will guide you through daily morning classes where you learn and explore the powerful benefits of a yoga practice that strengthens not just your body, but also the qualities of mind that have the greatest impact on your well-being.

The yoga, which will be intense and dynamic as well as soft and still, will open the channels of your vitality and empower you to explore the flowing movements and posture sequences in new creative ways. The yoga will also explore the various alignment principles, energetic actions and how we can approach it all for a more sustainable and deeper practice. Throughout the week you will be guided to discover the many levels of your pristine presence in every moment.

* Tap into your center of contentment, joy, and happiness 
* Cultivate self-awareness and compassion through meditation
* Practice being in the present moment with slow flow yoga and body work to reset and restore
* Increase strength and flexibility with yoga classes that honor your body’s uniqueness. 

The program set together offers a great opportunity to strengthen the characteristics you want, including calmness, focus, joy, ease, acceptance, gratitude and compassion for yourself and others.

We have chosen to stay outside the busiest beaches, by the southeast part of Zanzibar. Bellevue guesthouse is situated on a small hill only 50 meters from the ocean and is a perfect location for introspection and transformation. 

6.30-7.00 – meditation (optional)
7.00-8.30 – yoga 
8.30-9.15 – meditation
9.15-9.30 – gathering
9.30-11.00 – brunch
11.00 – relax/free time – there are lots of activities to do
16.00-18.00 afternoon session (can be meditation lectures, breath work, soft yoga, yinyoga or other kinds of movement) 
19.00 – dinner and some nights can have optional group sessions of meditation etc.

5300 SEK/570€ until 1st of Oct, 5500 SEK/590 € (shared room) until 1st of Dec, then 5900 SEK/640 €. A room of your own: 6900 SEK/750 € until 1st of Aug, then 7400 SEK/805 €.

– Transfer to and from Zanzibar town/airport
– 6 nights accommodation
– Daily brunch
– Daily yoga classes and meditation lectures/guidance
– 2 free Ascension techniques and 500 SEK reduced price on the retreat for those who have completed an Ascension Introduction course beforehand.

There is a restaurant/snacks bar by the guesthouse and other places walking distance away.

Limited spaces! 


– 1000 SEK/11 € is non refundable
– less than 45 days – no refund

Åsa Kalyani Rudehill is a previous dancer and trained in different schools of body work. She is also a passionate yoga- and Ascension meditation teacher with a burning desire for exploring our consciousness – the space of stillness and ease, which is reflected in the way she teaches. As a psychologist and working with yoga and meditation she loves to empower others to find their full potential and peace within. She is known for her energizing, creative and spiritually inspiring yoga classes. Her approach to teaching yoga is to guide into an organic, more and more subtle and internal experience. Åsa is inspired by meetings with Life, challenges, the presence, many teachers and styles of yoga, dance, biomechanics, bioenergetics, improvisation and her own way of finding connections in her body. She is amazed by how the body’s movement can evoke so much power, freedom and joy in life.


If you haven’t learnt the unique techniques of a meditation called The Ishayas’ Ascension this is an opportunity for you to deepen your presence in a profound way. Ascension allows you to easily rise beyond the limiting belief patterns and chatter of the mind, into a direct experience of the present moment – the stillness within – where creativity, joy and inspiration blossom. When the techniques are practiced regularly, they can re-write a lifetime’s habit of judgment and negativity, and contribute to a permanent state of inner peace and happiness in our everyday lives. You will leave with priceless tools to help maintain a level of peace and live your life to the fullest! Best of all, it’s so simple! The practice itself does not rely on any belief system or demands for specific clothes or sitting positions so just relax and enjoy the journey. Ascension can be used eyes closed, for deep rest and healing, and eyes open for clarity, focus and being present throughout the day. To add this course to the retreat costs 1500 SEK and will be 1,5 hours during 5 afternoons (valued at 3500 SEK). Read more about Ascension meditation: www.thebrightpath.com

View from guesthouse

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In addition to the beautiful white sand beaches and stunning coral reefs in crystal clear waters, as the island often has become synonymous with, Zanzibar is rich of historical ruins to explore for those interested in history and culture. The archipelago and its people have their own unique history and culture, which is strongly influenced by traders and invaders over the centuries. You can walk down a street in Stone Town passing Portuguese, British, Arabic, African and Indian architecture while all the while seeing, hearing, and smelling the sights, sounds, and smells of the bustling bazaars and restaurants. Therefore, consider taking a stop in the old parts of Zanzibar town before you cross the island for a bathe in retreat land.

Stone town


Come rest into your powerful essence, just waiting to be expressed. And return home feeling refreshed, fearless and inspired!



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