EMPOWER YOURSELF: a 4 day yoga and Ascension meditation retreat

5th – 8th of May at beautiful BORNTORPET – Shambala Gatherings

Flow yoga, hatha yoga, yin yoga, partner yoga, meditation, breath work, massage, lectures, sharing circles and free flow dance.

with Maria Linghult (Aja Ishaya) and Åsa Rudehill (Kalyani Ishaya). 

This four days immersion will deepen your experience of Stillness and bring more freedom into your body. Release and heal the physical, emotional and psychological suffering that holds you back from your best and brightest life. A program and environment that allows you to safely connect with yourself in a profound way and realize your full potential for wisdom and love. Join us for this expansive retreat! 

  • Tap into your center of pleasure, joy, and happiness
  • Cultivate self-awareness and compassion through meditation
  • Practice being in the present moment with slow flow yoga and body work to reset and restore
  • Increase strength and flexibility with yoga classes that honor your body’s uniqueness. 

Check in: 12 pm Thursday
Check out: 17 pm Sunday

Price: 4300 sek (early-bird until 25th of April), 4700 sek. 

For sign ups or questions please write or phone: 
Kalyani’s phone: 0730 29 62 02

In yoga we integrate deep connected breathing with conscious movements. We let the tools of yoga help us to cleanse the body from stress and tension, to cultivate the ability to arrive in our bodies, observe and stay with sensation. We also improve our body awareness, flexibility, mobility, muscle strength and posture. 

Flow yoga
In Flow yoga we synchronize movements to the breath in creative and fun sequences. The breath acts as an anchor to the present moment as you slow-flow from one pose to the next. This class allows a lot of variety and includes sun salutations, sequences with standing poses, balances, stretches and breath work.

Hatha yoga
A more gentle, basic yoga where we hold the postures a little longer. You will have the time to be intimate with the self and whatever experience that flows through you. There will be a lot of room for individual modifications in this class.

Yin yoga
Is a slow-paced yoga class with poses that we hold for longer periods of time, even five minutes or more. Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, often in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. It works to open up the body meridians and healing the organs connected to the meridians. Yin offers a deep access to the body and helps to regulate the flow of energy in the body.

Partner yoga
Partner Yoga is two or more people joining together to deepen the impact and experience of a yoga practice. In a safe environment, we use our bodies to deepen the self-awareness and explore trust and giving support. When you feel physically supported, not only do you experience a yoga posture differently, but you also begin to allow yourself to trust someone else. This is a playful yoga class where we have fun, laugh and open to greater depths in our bodies and minds. No previous experience is required and the class is optional.

Breath work
Through yoga breathing exercises we learn ways to calm the mind and body but also to invigorate the body and life force. This will greatly benefit your life off the mat.

Free dance
Through deep listening to the body and letting the own inner expression and creativity move us from within. Like a moving meditation, free flow dance opens our hearts and makes us grounded in our bodies.

Lectures/sharing circles
Aja and Kalyani will follow the present moment and give space for whatever is needed to be expressed. With compassionate guidance they will help you into a deeper experience of your true self. Inviting you to move from identification with your mind to presence. The sharing circles is a safe space for you to share your experiences if you want and hold the space for each other. A space where you can be seen without the need to be “fixed”. A possibility to come closer to your inner rooms by meeting others.

Ascension meditation
We invite you to enjoy time for silence. For participating in this retreat you will have learned the unique techniques of a meditation called The Ishayas’ Ascension. Ascension allows you to easily rise beyond the limiting belief patterns and chatter of the mind, into a direct experience of the present moment – the stillness within – where creativity, joy and inspiration blossom. When the techniques are practiced regularly, they can re-write a lifetime’s habit of judgment and negativity, and change one’s relationship with the mind. Best of all, no belief is required! They can be used eyes closed, for deep rest and healing, and eyes open for clarity, focus and being present throughout the day.

To learn this effortless and powerful form of meditation check for weekend courses at www.thebrightpath.com or let us know you are interested and we will help you find a opportunity to learn the techniques. 

More info about Ascension meditation: 

or introduction videos: 
YouTube Preview Image

Ascension is about coming home to the joy – that is your birth right!


Between the sessions with powerful tools as yoga, meditation and bodywork there is time for relaxation, sauna, massage, walks, vegetarian good food and spending time in nature. 

There will be a massage therapist, Malin who offers a body-treatment that is a deep relaxing and ceremonial massage with Swedish Massage as a base. 1 hour body treatment for 500 sek and 1,5 hour treatment for 650 sek. Facial Treatments are also available with only natural ingredients. 1 hour for 400 sek (only pre-bookings is possible for this treatment). At least 5-pre-bookings is required for Malin to come to Shambala. 


Maria Linghult (Aja Ishaya)
Maria has a great passion for helping people to find their truth within and for spreading the joy and wisdom of Ascension. She is one of the first Ascension teachers in Sweden and has a clear and humble way of sharing herself and the teaching. Maria has 18 years business background, of mainly operational and strategic change management within the finance industry. She also has more than 20 years experience as a recognized, Nike sponsored fitness and yoga instructor in Scandinavia. She is fascinated with our healing capacity and the interconnection between body, mind and soul and has seek additional knowledge within the area, such as certified Communicologist™, Brain-spotting™ instructor, Auratransformation™, EFT and more.

Åsa Rudehill - profil

Åsa Rudehill (Kalyani Ishaya)
Åsa is a psychologist specialized in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), speaker, previous professional dancer, certified mind-detox™ coach and trained in other schools of body work like Bioenergetic Analysis, Klein Technique™, Shiatsu and Timani, trained in affect-focused-therapy, dedicated yoga teacher and teaches yoga at the most well known yoga studios in Stockholm. Ascension meditation is her core in life and teaches the meditation with a burning desire for exploring our consciousness – the space of stillness and ease. She loves to empower others to find their full potential and peace within.


check in 12.00
afternoon session 14.30 
dinner 19.30 
evening session 20.30 

Friday + Saturday 
morning yoga 7.30
meditation 8.30
breakfast 10 
forenoon session 11.30 
lunch + brake 14 
afternoon session 16.30 
dinner 19.00
evening session 20.30 

morning yoga 7.30
meditation 8.30
breakfast 10
forenoon session 11.30 
lunch + afternoon session 14
check-out 17

This program offers a powerful inner journey through and beyond the minds habits of fear and control, to contact the unshakable ground of your true nature—the love, stillness, intelligence, and peace at the core of your being.

Come rest into your powerful essence, just waiting to be expressed. And return home feeling refreshed, fearless, and inspired.






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