– Yoga & meditation retreat in Little Cola, south of Goa, India 8-14 Dec (new dates/info about place etc are coming) 

An immersion that allows you to safely connect with yourself in a profound way and develop a new ease in your practice… and life!

Bring more freedom into your body and deepen your experience of inner calm during this week of self-discovery through yoga, meditation, diverse movements and Thai yoga massage. I invite you to enjoy time for stillness as well as major playtime on and off the yoga mat. Through experiential anatomy and movement we take your practice into something new, something deeper. Tools of meditation and modern psychology invite you to get more in touch with your inner self and probably explore a sense of purpose – tools you’ll be able to bring back into your daily life. The program and supportive and compassionate environment is a great set up for you to release stress that holds you back from your best and brightest life.

– 7.00 am: pranayama, meditation and yoga
– 10 am: light breakfast
– 10.15-11.30 am: optional Ascension meditation course
– 11.30 am: lunch
– 5.00 pm: yoga/movement 

– 7 pm: dinner
– evening meditation/activity/rest

Friday the 8th of Dec we start at 3 pm with a gathering. Dinner at 7 pm.
Thurday the 14th of Dec we finish at 1 pm after a gathering.

If you want to deepen your meditation practice even more there will be a meditation course running for 1,5 hours/day after breakfast. The meditation is effortless and reconnects you with the present moment and the peace that lies within us. It’s called the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation of The Bright Path. More info at the bottom of this description.


The price includes all teaching, a two-person shared hut, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Until July 1st: 830 €, until October 15th: 850 €, after October 15th: 890 €

20 spots are available.
For sign up and questions:

The retreat center is beautifully situated on the excluded beautiful beach called Little Cola, walking distance from cafés and other beaches. The place is stunning and makes you relax right away. It’s very calming to walk around in the sand between the huts, yoga shala and palm trees and from your yoga mat gaze out in the horizon. More info about the place Here









jeppeåsaJeppe Skovgaard & Åsa Kalyani Rudehill

Yoga, meditation and diverse movements:
Main teacher – Åsa Kalyani Rudehill (SWE) is a previous dancer and trained in different schools of body work. Åsa is also a psychologist and passionate yoga- and Ascension meditation teacher with a burning desire for exploring our consciousness – the space of stillness and ease, which is reflected in the way she teaches. She is known for her energizing, creative and spiritually inspiring yoga classes. Her approach to teaching yoga is to guide into an organic, more and more subtle and internal experience. Åsa is inspired by meetings with Life, challenges, the presence, many teachers and styles of yoga, dance, biomechanics, bioenergetics, improvisation and her own way of finding connections in her body. She is amazed by how the body’s movement can evoke so much power, freedom and joy in life.

Thai yoga massage, acro yoga and diverse movements:
Guest teacher Jeppe Skovgaard (DK) loves to challenge the many dogmas about how to move and behave, be it in the yoga studio or the city landscape. Jeppe has been teaching parkour on all levels for the past 8 years and is an international recognised acroyoga teacher, slackliner, yoga teacher, body worker and barefoot runner. His acroyoga classes combines the alignment from anusara yoga with his own diverse mrix of movement styles and the flows are always met with a playful and rebellious attitude.

More about the Ascension meditation:

If you haven’t learnt the unique techniques of a meditation called The Ishayas’ Ascension this is an opportunity for you to deepen your presence in a profound way. Ascension is an easy, down to earth and joyful form of meditation, suitable for all. With continued practice it can contribute to a permanent state of inner happiness in our everyday lives.

Ascension allows you to easily rise beyond the limiting belief patterns and chatter of the mind, into a direct experience of the present moment – the stillness within – where creativity, joy and inspiration blossom. When the techniques are practiced regularly, they can re-write a lifetime’s habit of judgment and negativity, and contribute to a permanent state of inner peace and happiness in our everyday lives.

After the course you will leave with simple and powerful tools to help maintain a level of peace and joy on your return home.

The practice itself does not rely on any belief system or demands for specific clothes or sitting positions…so simply bring an open mind, prepare to relax and enjoy the journey! Ascension can be used eyes closed, for deep rest and healing, and eyes open for clarity, focus and being present throughout the day.

To add this course to the retreat costs 1500 SEK and will be 1,5 hours between 11.00-12.30 (valued at 3500 SEK). More about Ascension meditation:



Join us for this expansive retreat! 


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