Be Still & Move: a 4 day yoga and meditation retreat:
with Jeppe Skovgaard (DK) and Åsa Kalyani Rudehill (DK/SWE)

Vinyasa, slow flow, hatha, meditation, yin yoga, partner yoga, breath work & thai-yoga-massage

14th – 17th April 2017 (Old info – new dates/info are coming) 

Check in: 10am
Check out: 15pm

PRICE: Price: 4700 sek (4300 sek early-bird until 1st of March)

For questions and sign ups please write or phone:
Åsa Kalyani’s phone: 0730 29 62 02

Join this 4-day immersion to bring more peace and play into your life and to spend time in spring surrounded by great people and astounding nature.

* Practice being in the present moment with slow flow yoga and body work to reset and restore 

* Let go of limitations and box-thinking with playful movement
* Increase strength and flexibility with yoga classes that honour your body’s uniqueness

* Find your powerful alignment
* Cultivate self-awareness and compassion through meditation

Vinyasa / Slow flow
In vinyasa yoga we synchronize movements to the breath in creative and fun sequences. The breath acts as an anchor to the present moment as you flow from one pose to the next. This class allows a lot of variety and includes sun salutations, sequences with standing poses, balances, stretches and breath work. The slow flow class has the same foundation but the pace will be slower to cultivate the ability to arrive in our bodies, explore and stay with sensation even more.

Hatha yoga 
A more gentle, basic yoga where we hold the postures a little longer. You will have the time to be intimate with the self and whatever experience that flows through you. There will be a lot of room for alignment and individual modifications in this class.

We invite you to enjoy time for silence.

Yin yoga 
Is a slow-paced yoga class with poses – often seated or on your back – that we hold for longer periods of time, even five minutes or more. Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, often in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. It works to open up the body meridians and healing the organs connected to the meridians. Yin offers a deep access to the body and helps to regulate the flow of energy in the body.

Partner yoga 
Partner Yoga is two or more people joining together to deepen the impact and experience of a yoga practice. In a safe environment, we use our bodies to deepen the self-awareness and explore trust and giving support. When you feel physically supported, not only do you experience a yoga posture differently, but you also begin to allow yourself to trust someone else. This is a playful yoga class where we have fun, laugh and open to greater depths in our bodies and minds. No previous experience is required and the class is optional.

Breath work 
Through yoga breathing exercises we learn ways to calm the mind and body but also to invigorate the body and life force. This will greatly benefit your life off the mat.

Giving a thai-yoga-massage is an excellent way to practice listening to another body. You will be guided through different massage techniques seeking to get another person to relax in your hand and in your presence.

Between the sessions with powerful tools as yoga, meditation and bodywork there is time for relaxation, sauna, massage, walks, vegetarian good food and spending time in nature. 

Daily Schedule

check in from 10.00

meeting 12.00
lunch 13.00
afternoon session 14.30
dinner 19.30
evening session 20.30

Saturday + Sunday
meditation (optional) 7.00

morning yoga 7.30 
meditation 9.00
breakfast 9.30
forenoon session 11.30
lunch + break 14.00
afternoon session 16.30
dinner 19.00

meditation (optional) 7.00

morning yoga 7.30 
meditation 9.00
breakfast 9.30
forenoon session 11.30
lunch + meeting 14
check-out 15

This program offers a powerful inner journey through and beyond the minds habits of fear and control, to contact the unshakable ground of your true nature—the joy, compassion, stillness and peace at the core of your being.



Jeppe Skovgaards (DK) lives to challenge the many existing dogmas about how you move and behave – both on the escalator and on the yoga mat. With a background from parkour, a cand. merc. from Copenhagen Business School specializing in mindfulness and as an internationally recognized acroyoga teacher, he has been in contact with a wide range of movement communities. His approach to movement is open and explorative and always looking for ways where the student can experience both physical and mental freedom. Jeppe Skovgaard is often featured in the Danish newspaper Politiken and on DR with guided meditations.

Åsa Kalyani Rudehill (SWE/DK) is a previous dancer and trained in different schools of body work. She is also a passionate yoga- and Ascension meditation teacher with a burning desire for exploring our consciousness – the space of stillness and ease, which is reflected in the way she teaches. As a psychologist and working with yoga and meditation she loves to empower others to find their full potential and peace within. She is known for her energizing, creative and spiritually inspiring yoga classes. Her approach to teaching yoga is to guide into an organic, subtle and internal experience. Åsa is inspired by many different styles of yoga, dance, biomechanics and an exploration in her own practice. She is amazed by how the body’s movement can evoke such power, freedom and joy in life.

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